Loc de munca - Electrical Engineer - extern

Loc de munca - Electrical Engineer - extern

Electrical Engineer - Norwegian Cruise Line



Engine Department


??c Must have STCW 95 Certification
??c Must hold and Electrician Certificate and preferably have a High Voltage Certificate, if the ship is equipped with medium/high voltage system and other appropriate licenses and certificates as required by regulations.


??c Familiarize himself/herself and understand the Diesel Electrical Propulsion system if the vessel is so equipped.
??c Know all about the ships Emergency and Safety Systems. Be familiar with the operation of the emergency generator and how to manual start if needed. Operation of the main switchboard, synchronizing of the generators, ability to bring power back to the ship after a complete blackout.
??c Location of all the major distribution panels, in order to be able to shut down power in the event of a failure, i.e., fire and or maintenance work. Maintenance/repair of most common electrical problems that occur. The Electrical Engineer will work closely with the vessel's Engineer in solving electrical problems.
??c The Electrical Engineer may be part of a watch going system on a rotational basis.
??c The Electrical Engineer must familiarize himself/herself with the vessel's elevators/lifts. He/she may be required to attend the various elevator manufacturers training courses.
??c Checking and maintenance of all electrical equipment as directed by the Chief Electrical Engineer.
??c Never work alone in areas where there is any risk of electrical injury.
??c The Electrical Engineer must know first aid in case of emergency.
??c The Electrical Engineer must inform the Duty Engineer before starting any maintenance work that may affect the operation of the various vessel systems.


To be announced upon hire.


Send your resume to shipboardresumes@ncl.com

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